How pupils celebrated 20 years of Nyerere Day

Sunday October 20 2019


By Devotha John

Last Monday, Atlas Pre and Primary School commemorated 20th anniversary of Nyerere Day. It was an exciting day for children, parents, teachers and staff as the school hosted marathon and graduation ceremonies for both nursery and standard seven pupils.

Athletes were invited from different parts of the country and from our neighbouring country Kenya.

The marathon that began very early in the morning was divided into three groups. Women athletes who ran ten kilometres, men who ran twenty-seven kilometres and pupils were tasked to run 5 kilometres.

Michele Rugambwa, a grade 7 pupil says that it was a historic day that marked the end of her and her classmates primary education. “I was excited to see Kenyan athletes in our school, parents and other visitors who participated in the event, including pupils who took part in the 5 kilometres race,” Michele says.

Naghenjwa Frank, a grade 5 pupil tells Young Citizen that he really enjoyed the day because he participated in the marathon and received a medal. “The marathon we had today will be a reminder for us to do physical activities and this will lead us to be positive,” Naghenjwa says.

Railath Juma, a grade 7 pupil had an amazing graduation where she and her friends participated in different events such as dancing, drama and singing. “We also participated in the school marathon, which involved our siblings, teachers, neighbours and visitors who supported us,” Railath says.


Atlas school director Silvanus Rugambwa says the school marathon was educative and improved children’s physical conditions, focus, and better concentration throughout the school day.

Apart from this, the school commemorated Nyerere day by revealing plans to build an up-to-date school library, which will also be used by pupils who study in government schools located in Wazo ward. “This is because we want to cherish the deeds of the father of nation who embraced reading,” Mr Rugambwa tells Young Citizen.