Young multi-talented innovator providing light to many

Tuesday May 1 2018


Gibson Kawago, a 23 year-old tech savvy was ecstatic about showing his grandmother footage of his sister’s wedding, he was however met with disappointment when his smartphone’s battery died right as he was about to play the video. His mother lives in a village that lacks electricity. This incident infuriated him, but more so it ignited a spark in his brain.

“It was from that abhorring circumstance that I came up with a solar system charging gadget to rid my granny off such inconvenience,” he says.

The solar gadget saved not only his grandmother but also the entire village which had been in power blues since time immemorial.

Gibson, who is a Second year student at the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology, in April 2018, was awarded for the Nguvu ya Uthubutu Awards, where he emerged victorious after a month of voting. He won under the ICT and Innovations Category.

Also in 2016 he was awarded by the Bits and Bytes Innovation contest for his Solar Mobile Charger.

System charge story

The versatile Gibson owns a studio dubbed: Top Class Record, which, according to him the System charge is the first project he embarked on after completing his Advanced Level Secondary Education

The wedding video incident marked the beginning of a life-changing product. Gibson says after making the solar power charging system, his relatives no longer face the enormity of seeking power from neighboring village, noting that despite the fact that his grandmother has passed on, community members still benefit from his innovation.

Talking about how he made the charging system, Gibson notes that he used a number of equipment, thanks to his steadfastness and hardworking spirit.

“I had to find a solar panel and connect it to the diode that links the solar power to the battery charge which henceforth takes electricity to the phones. Diode is like a protector because the phone can hardly catch any glitch even when it gets exposed to negative route,” notes Gibson.

Second project: Talking about his second project, Gibson has made solar water pump for Farmers, which can be used for irrigation purposes and delivering water to households.


According to Gibson, his projects have undergone a number of piloting before being showcased for public consumption, adding that it was through testing that he could be in a position to easily advertise their usability.

“My projects have been implemented for piloting in Bagamoyo District and villagers have recently proved their sustainability. These gadgets are also user-friendly in both urban and rural areas,” says the expert, noting that villagers are likely to improve their income generating projects alongside creating more employment opportunities.

Talking about what he expects in five years, Gibson says he sees himself as a young multitalented and successful innovator whose dreams are to set up industries in Tanzania and Africa.

“I see myself as a great problem solver in Africa and in the World. A lot is in stock to change this world for the better,” says the young expert, who is now working on another project called: Wanted Smart Box, a portable bag that will be used as a solar power brightening light in 1800 degree.

Advice to upcoming innovators: Gibson advises upcoming innovators to be creative, urging them to shy away from complaining about lack of capital and instead use the locally available materials to make new products.

His history

Gibson is the second born in a family of five children.

The young innovator was educated at Upendo Primary School in Mafinga District from 2009 to 2012, he later on joined Don Bosco Seminary for Ordinary secondary school and Ilbouru High School for his A-level studies, where he passed with flying colours then he was selected to join the Dar-es Salaam Institute of Technology.

Gibson said since he was in primary school he used to create very many things with electricity.

Talking about who supports him with his work, he commends Projekt Inspire under the Don Bosco Seminary in Mafinga District whose management assisted him complete his projects.

“I was really a young man who wanted to know new things and great innovators like Maxwell and Graham Bell. People with mutable businesses and talents like Jay Z and Akon really inspired me through their projects like Akon Lighting Afrika,” he says.

His prospects

Gibson’s plans are on the right track; his Expodia (WXPIDIA) Company that will deal in a number of innovations is in registration.