Has Diamond found his perfect match?

Saturday July 13 2019


By Mpoki Thomson

If we ever needed further proof of Diamond’s financial might, then this past weekend he cleared any doubts and boldened his billionaire status.

On Sunday, fans of Bongo Flava artiste Naseeb Abdul alias Diamond Platnumz were treated to a rare occasion which saw his mother Bi Sandra and his girlfriend Tanasha Donna celebrate their birthdays on the same day - a rarity, to say the least.

At an event that had all the hallmarks of a five star setup, Diamond’s mother, popularly known as Mama Dangote and his Kenyan lover Tanasha looked angelic dressed in red sheer dresses befitting the party’s theme of 707 The Great Gatsby.

Held at the idyllic Mlimani City Mall, the birthday celebration was unlike any other, attracting the attention of city dwellers and even those living upcountry and beyond borders. It was the most anticipated party thanks in part to the social media advertising leading to the big day.

On the day of the celebration, revelers had one thing in mind; the extravaganza which was to unfold right before their eyes. And unfold it did – in a major way.

From celebrity appearances from the likes of Nahreel, Vanessa’s ex Juma Jux, Mboni Masimba, Jacqueline Wolper, Irene Uwoya, and most notably Shilole – who almost went to blows with security guards in an attempt to defend her husband (more on this another day), The Great Gatsby-themed party had all the classiness with a pinch of drama all rolled into one.


Tanzanian comedian Mpoki got the show started as the MC of the night, before later being joined on the dais by a surprise guest, Kenyan comedian and Diamond’s friend Eric Omondi. The two funnymen anchored the party which was filled with lots of laughter and memorable moments.

Rumours leading to the event suggested that a big surprise was under wraps. Many people thought, and some even articulated on the red carpet interview, that Diamond was going to pop the question to Tanasha.

As the night’s hours dwindled, the wait for the big moment intensified. Unfortunately what most had hoped would be the night’s surprise didn’t come to pass. Diamond had another idea in his mind – something else he wanted to formally reveal, one which wasn’t really a surprise to many. While on stage, amidst all the lights and distant murmurs from the crowd, the Kanyaga hitmaker opened up on Tanasha’s pregnancy, revealing that she’s 7 months along on the pregnancy.

The formal affirmation was met with celebratory remarks from the crowd, the couple went on to reveal the gender of the anticipated newborn to which it was revealed they are expecting a baby boy. This will be Diamond’s fourth child and Tanasha’s first.

Tanasha, who turned 24 years old on the night and Diamond’s mum, 54, were each gifted brand new cars as birthday presents. This was on top of other gift packages such as a new house and Sh10million to spend. His gesture was lauded by countless people who congratulated him for always treating his mother right.

However, a cross section of the crowd held varied opinions as some trolled the singer for being biased. They aired sentiments that Diamond’s dad, who was also in attendance shouldn’t have gone home empty-handed – considering that the two recently quashed their differences.

When the night came to a close, feelings of ambivalence weren’t far-fetched, whereas many applauded Diamond for organising arguably the biggest birthday bash in recent memory, some were left feeling a bit disappointed that the star didn’t use the opportunity to propose to Tanasha.

This brings us to another question; after being romantically involved with a host of women across East Africa, is Diamond now ready to settle down with Tanasha? It hasn’t escaped our minds that he has fathered three children already – 2 with Uganda’s Zari Hassan, and one with Tanzanian model and singer Hamisa Mobetto – but hasn’t ended up with either of them. Will the third time be a charm?

Past relationships

Diamond has been in a few acrimonious relationships, with his latest love affair with Zari coming to a bitter end. Since the breakup the two have gone on to say spiteful things to each other on radio stations and social media.

With Hamisa, the situation started off on inauspicious grounds, the co-parents even went as far as battling it out in court for child support. The matter was later resolved and in a recent interview with a local radio station Diamond said that he and Hamisa are on good terms.

To this day many still recall the Wema Sepetu and Diamond days. Wema, who has been restless recently following one court case after another, was at one point the leading lady in Diamond’s life. At the peak of their relationship the two even went as far as getting engaged – on stage. It is perhaps for this reason, among others, that many thought Diamond would propose to Tanasha on the podium.

This summary of Diamond’s love journey might paint a picture of uncertainty, but if his time with Tanasha has showed us anything, is that the two seem to be in it for the long haul.

After tasting both Tanzanian and Ugandan flavours, will Kenya be the final destination for the Bongo Flava artiste?

It is on record that Diamond spends a pretty penny just to keep the romance alive. Tanasha being Kenyan, where she lives and works, means the Tanzanian superstar has to make travel arrangements everytime he wants to spend time with her. Her visits to Tanzania have been frequent, making it her second home.

With a baby on the way, Diamond and Tanasha are continuing to solidify their relationship. The next step is to tie the knot. Maybe wedding bells are on the horizon.