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Muhando not in the mood of coming home yet

Friday November 30 2018


Troubled gospel musician Rose Muhando, who recently hit the headlines with a bizarre exorcism video, has declined summons to come back to Tanzania. After the clip of her being ‘exorcised’ of demons by Pastor James Ng’ang’a went viral, Tanzanian Music Foundation requested to have Muhando tocome back to Tanzania so that she can undergo treatment. Several Tanzanian artistes also called out Tanzanian Music Regulatory body Basata to come to her aid, with secular songbird Ray C lamenting Muhando’s tribulations in Kenya.

However, Muhando, who according to multiple trusted Tanzanian sources got to the miserable state due to substance abuse isn’t ready yet to go back home. In the latest video to emerge, Muhando describes herself as a lioness who is always hunting and ready to conquer any obstacles coming her way.

In the video she is seen in the company of Kamba gospel singer Stephen Kasolo with she did the song Hautasumbuka Tena.

Kasolo reported to be the one who has been hooking Muhando to several influential personalities and is also believed to have linked her to Pastor Ng’ang’a.

He is also believed to be the one who has been hosting Muhando in Kenya for the last three months she has been in country.

In another video where Muhando seen singing fluently to one of Kasolo’s Kamba song Kitole, she heaps praises on the young man