Tigo Fiesta could take place during Christmas holidays

Friday December 7 2018

Artistes perform at one of the Tigo Fiesta gigs

Artistes perform at one of the Tigo Fiesta gigs 

Two weeks after the grand finale of the Tigo Fiesta failed to take place in Dar es Slaam it has been revealed that the final gig will take place on the Christmas weekend.

Early this week the managing director of Clouds Media Group Joseph Kusaga had reiterated that there was a possibility for famed festival to still take place before the end of the month. Sources close to organisers and sponsors say they have zeroed on the date of 22nd December and that insiders are working on the logistics to make it a memorable show. It is still not clear whether they will stick to the all local cast as it had been the case earlier on or they will take the earlier route which once made it a must attend show.

Though they are yet to reveal the venue, it is obvious that it will not be Leaders’ Club given the strong stance that the municipal authorities have maintained.

According to the authorities Leaders Club’s location is not convenient for shows of that magnitude due to the loud music that is played.

Though there are those who support the council’s decision some think it has left show organisers with very little option.