Uwoya warns hubby on second wife rumors

Friday March 16 2018


By Paul Owere

It took long before they admitted that they were an item and even their wedding was more of a word from the grapevine.

Though actress Irene Uwoya and rapper Dogo Janja have finally settled as husband and wife, there are widespread rumors that the singer is contemplating taking a second wife. The rumours haven’t gone down very well with Irene who has told the singer not to dare because the consequences are likely to be disastrous.

Writing on her Instagram page the actress said; ‘Don’t try me, and let no one lie to you.’ In a recent interview with Times FM the singer claimed that he had plans of taking a second wife and where possible even a third as his religious beliefs provides room for polygamy.

It remains interesting whether Dogo janja will go on exercise his religious right.