‘I am a very relieved man after the President’s pardon’, says Ngeleja

Dodoma. Sengerema MP William Ngeleja has today September 12,  said that he's now a relieved man after President John Magufuli pardoned him and his other colleagues.
"Forgiveness comforts and without opening any further debate, I can say I am really happy now," said Mr Ngeleja in the National Assembly.
Earlier in the morning, Speaker of the National Assembly Mr Job Ndugai commended  the trio Mr Ngeleja, Mr January Makamba (Bumbuli-CCM) and Mr Nape Nnauye (Mtama-CCM) for the bold decision that they had taken by apologizing to the Head of State.
"It's easy to say sorry for many people even when they know were in the wrong," said Mr Ndugai.
"This is really a good move although there are some newspapers illustrating these people negatively. Let's all learn from them to apologise not only to the President but also to other people," said Mr Ndugai.
Last week, President Magufuli announced publicly to have forgiven Mr Ngeleja and Mr Makamba.
This week, the head of state also announced that he had forgiven Mr Nnauye.
The three who were ministers are among the politicians in the ruling party who have  reportedly been at logger heads with the head of state.