I have been denied access to my husband’s grave, says Jacqueline Mengi

Saturday February 22 2020

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By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam . It is barely one year after business mogul Reginald Mengi passed away and already there is trouble brewing in his estate after his widow Jacqueline claimed that she has been denied access to the grave.

In a tweet the former beauty queen says she has kept quiet on a lot of things but it is getting out of hand after she and her twin sons were denied entry with the custodians saying they had to seek prior permission.

On her twitter handle the former beauty queen said there were so many things that she has persevered and she wasn’t ready to go on especially after the latest episode.

“I have been quiet on so many things. You have reached the extent of blocking me and my sons access to my husband’s grave, we are chased and told we have to seek permission before I am granted access. I am tired , I will not accept to see my children go through such mistreatment and I will not keep quiet,” wrote the former singer and Miss Tanzania.

 Reginald Mengi died on May 2, 2019 in Dubai at the age of 75. Jacqueline and Reginald Mengi tied the knott in 2015 and the two were blessed by two twin sons.

The family is yet to respond to Jacqueline's claim.