Ndugai: Mbowe scared of losing next election

Tuesday May 19 2020
mbowe pc

Dar es Salaam. National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai yesterday launched scathing attack on the leader of the opposition in the parliament, Freeman Mbowe, saying the politician, who accused the government underestimating the Covid-19 pandemic, feared of losing his seat during the forthcoming General Election.

Mr Ndugai made the statement in Dodoma yesterday at a press conference to respond to some issues raised by Mr Mbowe on Sunday.

Mr Mbowe made a public address on Sunday Mr Mbowe pleaded with authorities and businesses to focus on serving lives during the pandemic, noting that transport, tourism and others would take up to two years to recover from the impact of Covid-19. He also claimed the economy has been severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said Tanzania should collaborate the World Health Organisation (WHO) in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis and called for improved relationship with the organisation.

“The government should provide information on Covid-19 cases and related data to help stakeholders analyze the situation, thereby eliminating rumours created to fill the vacuum,” said Mr Mbowe.

But yesterday, Mr Ndugai said the opposition leader in parliament was campaigning for the parliamentary lockdown that will paralyse the government and led to suspension of this year’s general election.


“That is his (Freeman Mbowe’s) problem. He is scared of the October general elections. My advice is that elections will be held as planned, unless God decides otherwise,” he said.

Mr Ndugai who doubles as Kongwa MP said parliamentary activities in other countries including the UK, France and the US was still going on despite lockdowns, predicting that Mr Mbowe will not be re-elected this year.

“I don’t see how he (Mbowe) can return in the Parliament. I don’t see a window for this to happen because there were no citizens who will vote for such kind of a leader,” he said.

He described Mr Mbowe who is also the main opposition Chadema national chairman as a person who relied on social media in communicating with the public instead of using the parliament of which he is part of. “He is not doing justice to his voters because as the leader of the opposition in Parliament he was expected to use his position to find solutions to problems facing his people,” he said, adding.

Mr Ndugai said Mr Mbowe was privileged with a car, driver, office, secretary, senior office administrator, a house, allowances and many other remunerations that he could use to effectively serve his people.

“He is privileged to speak whenever he stand and that he is the first to react on the Prime minister’s speech whenever he (the PM) speak in Parliament,” he said.

He challenged Mr Mbowe for saying the country’s economy was severely hit by Covid-19, noting that since the pandemic was global, its economic impacts was a global phenomenon.

“No country has received tourists during this period including Rwanda and Uganda that he (Mbowe) commended in his speech,” he said.

Mr Ndugai also expressed his displeasure to what he described as Mbowe’s disrespect to the President after he chose to make a public address shortly after the head of state has done the same.

“Mr Mbowe should learn how to work with the President. He will not be accorded our cooperation if he disrespect the president,” he said.