Election 2020: Funds shortage hit political parties' campaign trail

Thursday September 3 2020


By John Namkwahe @johnteck3 jnamkwahe@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. As campaign rallies for CCM, Chadema and ACT-Wazalendo gather momentum across the country as per schedule, a number of other political parties are yet to start their election campaigns citing lack of funds.

Election campaigns commenced on August 28 and will run until October 27—one day before the 2020 General Election, according to the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

On August 28, Chadema led by its presidential candidate Tundu Lissu, launched campaigns at Mbagala Zakhem grounds in the city.

CCM launched its campaigns on August 29 in the capital Dodoma led by its presidential candidate John Magufuli.

ACT Wazalendo, led by its presidential candidate Bernard Membe launched its campaigns on September 1 in Lindi Region.

The opposition Chadema so far has held campaigns in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, while CCM has conducted its in Dodoma, Singida and Tabora regions.


But things have been tough for other political parties including CUF, AAFP, ADA Tadea, and the Alliance for Democratic Change (ADC).

The others are Demokrasia Makini, NRA, SAU, UMD and UPDP.

Director of National Electoral Commission (NEC), Dr Wilson Mahera, said the question of funds was not up to NEC: “We have already released the campaign schedule. If they are not conducting the campaigns, ask them.”

NCCR Mageuzi and Chauma have already announced to kick start their campaigns on September 5 in the city. However, according to NEC, Chauma was supposed to start campaigns in Kigoma Region.

“We were supposed to start campaigns in Kigoma, but we made some changes,” said Mr Rungwe.

He explained that despite the fact that his party experienced critical shortage of funds, they planned to conduct campaigns all over the country.

For his part, ADA Tadea presidential candidate John Shibuda said his party was still making preparations.

“We will soon inform the public about our campaigns schedule,” Mr Shibuda told The Citizen over the phone.

It was due to shortage of funds that CUF also pushed back the launch of its election campaigns, confirmed CUF’s communications director Mohamed Ngulangwa.

For his part, NRA Presidential candidate Leopold Mahona said his party would launch campaigns end of week in Tabora.

“We are finalizing logistics. Enough funds is required to conduct election campaigns. Even those who have already started campaigns have had allocated sufficient funds,” said Mr Mahona.

According to NEC, on September 2, NRA presidential candidate was supposed to conduct campaigns in Njombe and Ruvuma regions.

“We expect to spend over Sh1 billion during the campaigns. These will be contributed by members,” said Mr Mahona.

For his part, DP deputy secretary-general Felix Mahiwa said they were in final preparations.