Tanzania: Mtera MP proposes presidential election to be skipped in 2020 polls

Mtera MP Livingstone Lusinde. Photo by Edwin Mjwahuzi

What you need to know:

  • Mtera MP Livingstone Lusinde (CCM) says the country should only hold civil and legislative elections due to the costs involved in conducting  .

Dodoma. Mtera MP Livingstone Lusinde (CCM) has proposed in parliament today, April 8 that the presidential election to be skipped in 2020 and President John Magufuli should remain in power until 2025.

"It is costly to hold presidential election, and as we all understand no one can defeat President Magufuli,” Mr Lusinde told Parliament.

He said instead the country should concentrate on holding civil and legislative elections.

Mr Lusinde said money saved from skipping the presidential election should be spent on development projects.

"The country should let President Magufuli proceed for other five years," he opined.