The ‘Nyama Choma festival’ returns with a bang.

Monday July 22 2019


By Seif Kabelele @SeifKabelele

Dar es Salaam. After a one-year hiatus the fancied Nyama choma Festival is back in Dar es Salaam.

The festival which is one of its kind in East Africa is going back to its roots with the event taking place at TTCL Kijitonyama Grounds.

The festival which was born on June 4, 2011, is one that has nostalgic memories for those who have attended it before making Saturday 27th July, a day worth looking forward to.

The kind bbq extravaganza showcases different bbq pit masters who come with unique styles and taste buds.

This is because food forms a major part of every culture and every community boasts a certain delicacy that defines them as a people and their heritage.

As for Tanzania and the greater part of East Africa Nyama choma (roasted meat) is part of that great tradition that has been passed down from one generation to another.


In certain communities festivities are not complete without meat, this probably given to the fact that Tanzania has the second largest population of livestock in Africa.

In Tanzania today  Nyama choma, it is a celebrated event where thousands of revellers come together on a quarterly basis to sample some of the best barbeques on offer thanks to an idea that was born some eight years ago.

It is delicacies that even those who visit Tanzania long for and some actually travel long distances to come to this festival especially the Dar es Salaam edition.

Revellers will access the doors from as early as 1200Hrs.