Minister Lugola launches attack on twitter user 'Kigogo' ahead of civic polls

Sunday November 3 2019

Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola

Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola 

By Lilian Ndilwa @TheCitizenTz

Dar es Salaam. Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola yesterday declared his determination to unveil the identify of a Twitter user known as @Kigogo2014, as he laid down his docket’s security plan ahead of start of campaigns for civic polls slated for November 24.

The twitter handle has attracted a huge following for being critical voice against the government and its leaders in various capacities.

“The days are numbered for this twitter user named Kigogo2014,’’ vowed the minister.

“Our crimes department will start dealing with cybercrimes, including arresting this person called Kigogo whose posts and captions have been causing confusion among citizens and government,” said the minister.

There was a buzz on Twitter yesterday after the minister made the announcement condemning the Twitter user, who responded to the announcement saying, (he/she) was not scared of the minister’s plan and that the latter would be long gone by the time his or her identity comes to light.

Mr Lugola was speaking to the press in Dar es Salaam, shortly after he held a meeting with officials at the ministry headquarters. He told journalists that his docket would maintain peace before, during and after the polls.


He said the police would monitor campaigners’ language and behaviour on stages very closely in order to determine any element of incitement for which the campaigner would be taken down and made to face legal action.

“If the language they apply incites citizens to break the law, then we will take immediate action,” he said.

Mr Lugola said the police would not hesitate to use force to disperse people whenever the need to do so would arise.

“Protecting peace is our priority, it includes protecting citizens from controversial languages that may sow seed of hatred,” he remarked.

He repeatedly said any person interested in causing feud during civil polls election in the name of campaigning would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

As he talked about cybercrimes, Minister Lugola said his ministry is recently dealing with people who make posts that criticise the government.

“We don’t ignore all social media posts that seek to paint the government negatively, or that which try to incite the people against it. We take action as per the laws of the country,” Mr Lugola said.

The buzz on social media included some commentators who criticized ‘Kigogo’ as being a hypocrite and unreliable. However, ‘Kigogo’s defenders said he was speaking for them on matters of interest to the common man.