Erick Kabendera finally walks to freedom

Dar es Salaam. Almost six months after Journalist Erick Kabendera was arrested on charges of money laundering, tax evasion and leading a gang of organized crime, he today finally walked to freedom.

The journalist had earlier on in the day had his application for a plea bargain accepted by the Director of Public Prosecution paving way for the Kisutu Magistrate’s  Court to begin hearing his case.

The Dar es Salaam court ordered the journalist to pay Sh100 million fine for money laundering, which he has paid.

The court also ordered him to pay another Sh250,000 as a fine for evading tax plus another Sh172 million as compensation which he is supposed to clear in the next six months.

This was after the Director of Public Prosecution accepted Erick Kabendera’s Plea Bargain application which was tendered in his office regarding the economic crimes.

State Attorney Faraja Nchimbi who was accompanied by Wankyo Simon told the resident magistrate Janet Mtega when the case came for mention at the court which prior to this day did not have the jurisdiction to hear such cases.

Of the three charges Kabendera was cleared of the leading of organized crimes gang leaving him with Money laundering and tax evasion charges.