1975 elections turn hard nut to crack for key ministers

Thursday March 26 2020

 Musobi Mageni (left) who was the minister

 Musobi Mageni (left) who was the minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development prior to 1975 General Election was defeated in that year’s polls in his Kwimba constituency. John Malecela (right) won in the Dodoma Rural seat in the polls. PHOTOS | FILE  

By William Shao @TheCitizenTZ news@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. It is reported that over 75 percent of MPs who were elected in the 1970 General Election were defeated in the October 26, 1975 polls. Some lawmakers, who were ministers in the Cabinet that ended its term of office, were among those, who were defeated in the 1975 polls.

Three ministers were on the list of those who lost in the polls including Padre Simon Chiwanga (National Education minister), Mr Musobi Mageni Musobi (Lands, Housing and Urban Development minister) and Mr Saleh Tambwe (Deputy minister for the East African Community).

Fr Chiwanga, who was contesting for the Dodoma Urban Parliamentary Seat, was defeated by Padre Severino Andrea Supa, who bagged in 24,865 votes while Chiwanga collected 20,507 votes and at least 749 votes were spoiled.

Padre Chiwanga, who was defeated in the 1975 polls, resurfaced in the 1980 General Election, vying for the Dodoma Urban Parliamentary Seat.

The 1980 parliamentary polls were the most closely contested among aspirants across Tanzania compared to the previous elections. The contestants were all padres, who were well-educated.

In the 1980 polls, Chiwanga was declared the winner after defeating Supa, who, however, lodged an appeal in court against Chiwanga’s victory, which, he said, was marred by corruption. Supa accused Chiwanga of bribing villagers of Nkong’onta (where Udom presently is located at) with hoes so that the latter would vote for him.


Supa won his appeal and Chiwanga was unseated as an MP. It was the first appeal to have been won by an MP in court. What followed was a by-election in which Supa was among the contestants.

However, the CCM party Central Committee dropped Supa’s name from the list of contestants and instead the late Sala Mwenge and Donald Kusenhta were endorsed as aspirants. Sala Mwenge was declared the winner. Musobi Mageni had contested for Kwimba Constituency but was defeated by Chimani Francis Masanja, who got 44,944 votes against Mageni’s 16,461. About 1,153 votes were spoiled.

In the 1965 General Election, Mageni had contested for the Kwimba South Parliamentary Seat and emerged the winner.

He sought re-election in the 1970 polls and this time he vied for Mwamashimba Constituency, where he was declared the winner. However, he lost his parliamentary seat during the 1975 General Election.

However, Mageni, who was born in 1931 at Kinamweli Village in Kwimba District, was nominated by Mwalimu Nyerere Thursday on February 17, 1972 and appointed minister.

After having been defeated as an MP in the 1975 General Election, Mageni was nominated again in 1978 by Mwalimu Nyerere to become Chunya District Commissioner.

The ministers, who won parliamentary seats included John Malecela, Foreign Affairs; Mrisho Sarakikya, National Culture and Youth; Patrick Qorro, Deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office; Osiah Mbembela, Education minister and Mussa Seffu Massomo, Deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Mr Malecela, who vied for Dodoma Rural, got 67,591 votes, winning over his opponent Bernadini Lungwa Mwanja, who collected 10,844 votes. In the constituency election, there were 975 spoiled votes.

Mrisho Haggai Sarakikya contested for Arumeru constituency, where he collected 36,124 votes against his opponent Obed Simeon Ole Mejooli’s 25,093. Patrick Qorro vied for Mbulu Constituency, where he bagged in 40,769 votes while his opponent Geay Damian Buha got 11,297 votes. A total of 459 votes were spoiled.

In Ileje Constituency that was contested for by both Osiah Mbembela and Stephen Kibona saw Mbembela winning 9,271 votes while Kibona getting 5,239 votes and 59 votes were declared spoiled.

In Handeni Constituency, Waziri Massomo bagged in 41,205 to be declared the winner as his opponent Chomba Joseph Nyosole collected 1,962 votes. A total of 107 votes were spoiled. The others who won in the election included the then National Assembly Speaker Chief Erasto Mang’enya and Mtwara Region’s former Tanu Secretary, Chediel Mgonja. Chief Mang’enya contested for Muheza Constituency, where he was declared the victor with 37,014 votes against Shamuni Rashid Manga’s 14,623. A total of 2,361 votes were spoiled.

Ramid Nassor Kibendera, who was seeking reelection for Kisarawe Constituency, won with 36,167 votes while his opponent Musa Zavala Pazi got 20,173 votes. About 662 votes were spoiled. In Geita Constituency, Salum Mabura Hassan emerged the winner with 30,281 votes while his opponent, Ernest Manga Wabanhu, collected 20,416 votes. In the election about 761 votes were spoiled.

Mustafa Nyang’anyi, who was contesting for the Kondoa Parliamentary Seat, was declared the winner after emerging with 64,475 votes against Gaspari Faustini Mwenda’s 20,850. A total of 1,811 votes were spoiled.

In Moshi Rural, Joseph Eugene Macha collected 59,296 votes while his opponent Omari Masumbuko Silayo Sinare raked in 27,808 votes. A total of 1,356 votes were spoiled.

A long serving MP, Alhaj Rashidi Ramadhani Nyembo, who was seeking re-election for Nzega Constituency, was defeated by Daudi Makenga Mzukula. Nyembo got 14,338 votes while Mzukila collected 32,307 as 416 votes were declared spoiled.

In Muleba Constituency, David Bakanyoma Zimbihile won with 22,680 votes against John Kibogoyo’s 21,854 as 554 votes were spoiled.

Venanti Joseph Lwabuti vied against Musa Juma Kalokora for Karagwe Constituency. Lwabuti was declared the winner with 24,247 votes against Kalokora’s 8,011.

In Kilwa constituency the winner was Said Ali Bungala, who raked in 21,863 votes against Josephine Marco Siyame’s 4,014 as 394 votes were spoiled.

Ahmed Amri Dodo was declared the winner of Hanang Constituency, where he garnered 45,303 votes while his opponent Peter Mark Bura collected 8,514 votes and the number of spoiled votes was 345.

John Mwakangale got 37,959 votes in Tukuyu Constituency, while his opponent Joel Mwambola bagged in 24,177 votes. A total of 620 votes were spoiled. Samuel John Sitta won with 15,673 votes for Urambo Constituency against Kidiffu Kalelanda’s 9,357.

In Nachingwea Constituency, Edgar Dioniz Maokola-Majogo was declared the winner after collecting 18,697 votes while his opponent Marcus Felix Millanzi got 12,101 votes. About 444 votes were spoiled.

In Kibaha Urban the winner was Mwanga Abel Kyagunya, who got 7,614 votes while his opponent Mtaragara Chirangi collected 5,602 votes.

Wilfred Efraim Mwakipesile was declared the winner of Kyela Constituency after collecting 20,615 votes while his opponent Lumuli Alipipi Kasyupa raked in 14,220 votes.

Ali Mchumo won over Shukuru Mwinshehe for Temeke Constituency after getting 70,004 votes against Mwinshehe’s 17,716. Njombe Constituency was won by Jackson Mvangila Makweta who got 55,182 votes against Levi Msoke Mgeni’s 23,041 as 1,017 votes were declared spoiled.

In Kigoma Urban Dossa Yemba was declared the winner with 8,201 votes while his opponent Akilimali Ahmed Snowhite ended up with 6,569 votes. About 727 votes were spoiled.

In Iringa Rural Peter Siyovelwa collected 60,817 votes while his opponent Petro Mwamasika bagged in 12,485 votes. At least 835 votes were spoiled.

Chrisant Mzindakaya won in Sumbawanga Rural with 40,341 votes over Mfupe Didas Pangani Mfupe, who got 22,735 votes.

Edward Sokoine was declared the winner of Monduli constituency after getting 14,911 votes while his opponent Richard Kalema Pallangyo bagged in 2,644 votes. A total of 144 votes were spoiled.

In Lushoto Constituency, Amiri Kingazi Hoza won with 39,152 votes over his opponent Joseph Mandia who got 25,908 votes.

In Biharamulo Constituency, Stanslaus Kasusura was declared the winner with 25,894 votes against ohn Kabengo’s 11,929.

Alfred Tandau get 38,062 votes in Mbinga Constituency after vying against Severin Xavery Chiwango, who collected 4,868votes.

In the next issue of The Citizen we are going to focus on how then president-elect was sworn-in to form his Cabinet.