Covid-19: Zanzibar's cases rise to 105 after 7 test positive

The ministry of health in Zanzibar has today announced that seven more people have tested positive of the novel coronavirus on the Isles bringing the number of cases to 105 from 98 who were announced on April 24.

The announcement by the ministry now pushes Tanzania's cases to 306 from 299.

The Ministry says, “All new cases are of Tanzanian nationals and residents of Unguja.” Zanzibar has a population of around 1.3 million people, mostly from two islands of,Pemba and Unguja which have attracted travelers from around the world for centuries.

In another development 36 patients have been discharged from hospital after they stopped displaying symptoms of Covid-19, the ministry added in a statement.

The ministry also asked all those who were discharged   to remain in their homes for 14 days before health authorities can allow them to resume their normal duties.

The pandemic has hit the Island, and the world at large at this time when majority observe the holy month of Ramadan that began on April 24.