Twists and turns as Wasira defeats Warioba in polls

Friday May 29 2020

From left are Mr Stephen Wasira, Judge Joseph

From left are Mr Stephen Wasira, Judge Joseph Warioba and Justice Kahwa Lugakingira. PHOTOS | FILECourt 

By William Shao @TheCitizenTZ

 Dar es Salaam. It was during the 1995 General Election, the first polls following reintro-duction of multiparty system, when the ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) witnessed for the first time since independence some of its MPs losing seats.


The defeat of one of CCM’s top cadres Joseph Warioba, once Prime Minister and First Vice President of Tanzania, drew much public attention and amplified the governing party’s loss.


Mr Warioba was defeated by Stephen Wassira when they vied for the Bunda Parliamentary seat. Wassira, who contested on the NCCR-Mageuzi ticket, scooped 18,514 votes against Warioba’s 17,527.



Wassira, who crossed over to NCCR-Mageuzi after losing CCM’s internal selection, was a big friend of Warioba to the extent of letting the latter, who was Prime Minister and First Vice President, vie for the seat during 1990 polls.


Wassira’s popularity in the constituency grew in the 1960s when he was Mara Co-operative’s officer before becoming Mara Regional Commissioner and being appointed a Cabinet minister.


Aggrieved by the parliamentary seat loss, Mr Warioba filed an election petition at the High Court in Musoma in 1996 to challenge Wasira’s victory.


The case was heard by Judge Kahwa Lugakingira, one of the most respected judges in the history of the judiciary in Tanzania.


Mr Wasira was represented by a prominent lawyer, Mabere Marando, while Mr Warioba was represented by a respected law-yer, Jwan Mwaikusa, and Joseph Rweyemamu.


After hearing the case, the court sided with Mr Warioba on October 2, 1997 that Mr Wasira used bribe to lure voters during the election.


The court banned him from contesting parliamentary elections for five years. In an interesting turn of events, Mr Wasira lodged an appeal against the decision and won before rejoining CCM.


When interviewed by the Mwananchi and The Citizen newspapers on September 22, 2014, Wassira said the difference between he and Judge Joseph Warioba revolved around 1995 CCM opinion polls that forced him to defect to NCCR-Mageuzi.


However, Wasira has no regrets over his decision and believes history has been writ-ten. Mr Wasira has also served as Agriculture minister during President Ali Hassan Mwinyi’s administration.


Wasira explained that he defected to NCCR-Mageuzi after his constitutional rights were suppressed by CCM lead-ers of that time.


Wassita is remembered hav-ing said at the hearing of his election petition that “Warioba is a judge by profession.


So, how can a case filed by a monkey be determined by a baboon? Defi-nitely, there will be no justice.


So, I’m not very much sure of winning the case. I have no more comment.” “I opened the case, but in the end I was barred from contesting for the seat.


So, I went to sell fish at my Msasani (Dar es Salaam) Cold Storage.


This is because you cannot say that since you are no longer an The defeat of one of the ruling CCM’s top cadres, Joseph Warioba, during the 1995 parliamentary election drew much public attention and amplified the ruling party’s loss in polls.

MP, then you should do nothing and wait to die. You must find a solution,” said Wassira.“I did business there, but was not lucrative.


So, I decided to return to CCM,” My history is within CCM since I was aged 13. However, history has been writ-ten as I have gained experience.”


Although CCM did not fare well in the polls, it won a number of seats including the Biharamulo East seat won by the incumbent president of Tanzania, Dr John Pombe Magufuli.


Dr Magufuli won the seat after scooping 19,680 votes against his opponents Antonini Mkubulo (NCCR-Mageuzi, 9,657 votes) and Robert Rudigija (Chadema, 3,573 votes).


The number of registered voters in the constituency was 46,878, but those, who turned up to vote numbered 35,088. At least 2,026 votes were spoiled while 10 votes were disputed.


CCM also lost the Arusha Urban seat to NCCR-Mageuzi, whose contestant, Makongoro Nyerere, defeated the then Chadema chairman, Edwin Mtei.


Contrary to the expectations of many, Makongoro and Mtei had a disparity of 26,992 votes. Makongoro got 27,977 votes, Felix Mrema (CCM, 26,813 votes), Mustafa Akunay (CUF, 1,156), Peter Golugwa (TLP, 1,105), Mtei (Chadema, 985), Samwel Hiza Lukindo (UDP, 696) and Abdallah Mohamed Yassini (UMD, 401).


In Rombo Constituency, CCM lost another seat after former Trade minister Basil Mramba lost massively to Chadema contestant Justin Salakana, who collected 35,132 votes, defeating Leons Ngalai (NCCR-Mageu-zi, 25,610 votes) and Mramba (CCM, 11,388 votes).


Carol Uis-so (NRA) got 1,025 votes while Revocatus Massawe (NLD) gar-nered 415 votes.In Hai Constituency, Mwinyi-hamisi Mushi (NCCR-Mageuzi) emerged the winner after collecting 27,209 votes against Free-man Mbowe’s 15,107 (Chadema), Obadiah Ndossi’s 9,423 (CCM) and Koosa Mwasha’s 2,453 (NRA).


The Muleba North seat, after votes were counted for three days, Ndimara Tegambwage of (NCCR-Mageuzi) was finally declared the winner after collecting 16,593 votes against his opponents Dr Ahmed Kiwan-uka (CCM) 11,721 votes), Chris-topher Ngaiza (UDP, 1,324) and Paul Nsabe, (CUF, 941).

In Mbeya Urban, Policia Mwaiseje (NCCR-Mageuzi) emerged the winner after col-lecting 25,151 votes, followed by Bruno Mpangala (CCM, 19,916 votes), Burton Mwankunda (Chadema, 6,897), Zakaria Mwambusi (NRA, 1,458), Ismail Mwakanyamale (UPDP, 754), John Mwaikambo (CUF, 607), John Mwakyusa (NLD, 526) and Adam Mwaibande (TLP, 478).


The results of the rerun polls in the seven constituencies of Dar es Salaam Region on November 19, 1995, showed that Idd Simba of CCM won the Ilala seat after scooping 20,217 votes against Abas Mtemvu’s 4,142 (NCCR-Mageuzi).


Kitwana Kondo, who once was Dar es Salaam City Mayor for 15 years, won the Kigamboni seat after scooping 19,757 votes, followed closely by Frank Magoba (Chadema, 5,875 votes), Kinaki Michael (NCCR-Mageuzi, 2,225 votes) and Mwakabiga Kenneth (CUF, 651).


Peter Kabisa (CCM) emerged the winner of the Kinondoni seat after collecting 33,400 votes against Abdallah Mwaulanga’s 10,805 (NCCR-Mageuzi).


NCCR-Mageuzi won the Ubungo seat after its contest-ant, Dr Masumbuko Lamwai, collected 30,844 votes against Venance Ngula’s 28,122 (CCM).


In Karatu constituency, Dr Wilbrod Slaa (Chadema) emerged the winner after scoop-ing 20,015 votes against Patrick Qorro’s 16,781 (CCM).


Over 40 CCM members, who participated in the October 1995 polls, including Education min-ister Prof Philemoni Sarungi and five regional commissioners, failed to make it.


NCCR-mageuzi won many seats including Moshi Urban, Vunjo, Hai and Siha.


It also won the seats of Iringa Urban, Arusha Urban, Rorya, Mbeya Urban, Muleba North, Urambo East, Musoma Rural and Bunda.


The Former Prime Minister in the Second Phase Government, John Malecela (CCM), did not face huge opposition in contesting for the Mtera seat, which he won after collecting 27,368 votes as his unnamed opponent (CUF) raked in 1,052.


 Another CCM member who did not face huge opposition was Cleopa Msuya, who won the Mwanga seat after collecting 23,134 votes as his unnamed opponent (NCCR-Mageuzi) got 3,352 votes. Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Samuel Sitta got a slim victory for the Urambo East seat after getting 10,788 votes against Jacob Abra-ham’s 9,497 (NCCR-Mageuzi).