It's time for Membe to join opposition,says Zitto

Wednesday July 1 2020

ACT Wazalendo party leader Zitto Kabwe

ACT Wazalendo party leader Zitto Kabwe addresses the party followers at Kilwa Town, Lindi Region yesterday. PHOTO | COURTESY 

The Citizen Reporter
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Kilwa. ACT-Wazalendo party leader Zitto Kabwe yesterday wel-comed former Foreign minister Bernard Member to join the opposition.

Mr Zitto said during the party’s indoor meeting in Kilwa Town that the former CCM cadre has an opportunity to unite Tanzanians and push for greater political changes through joining alternative political parties.

“My brother, Benard Membe, has been expelled from CCM. I know he still fights for his membership right there. It is a right step.

“However, the time to bring about changes in our country has come. I ask him to make up his mind and join alternative parties to help push for changes needed by Tanzanians,” he said.

CCM announced they have sacked Mr Membe in February after accusing him of violating the party’s ethics and constitution.

However, the former minister and diplomat who sought the ruling party nomination for presidency in 2015 has consistently questioned his expulsion as unlawful and that he has not been officially informed of the decision.


The ACT-Wazalendo leader, who is in a tour of Southern Tanzania regions reiterated that he was aware that the politician was still fighting to remain in CCM but insisted he was more needed by the opposition this time.

Speaking during an interview with an international media, Membe said there was a possibility for him to contest for presidency through an alternative party although he was still awaiting his fate in CCM.

Yesterday, Zitto said at the meet-ing held just kilometres away from Membe’s home village that history would judge the politician badly if he chose not to join the opposition now. “I know that Membe loves Tanzania and is democratic. So, let him prove his love for our country by joining and strengthening alterna-tive parties. “If it is a treason offence, then it is for Membe not to make a decision of serving the Tanzanians outside CCM. I beg him to think it over and make the right decision,” said Zitto amid cheers.