Muslim community told to wait for investigation into school fire incidents

Wednesday September 16 2020


By Jacob Mosenda

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania's Chief Sheikh and chairman of National Muslim Council (Bakwata), Abubakar Zubeir has called on the Muslim community and the general public to remain patient about the fire incidents in schools to give room for ongoing investigations.
Speaking to journalists on Wednesday September 16, Sheikh Zubeir insisted that tolerance would help in preserving the existing peace in the country.
 Monday’s fire incident that burnt down the dormitory which housed 74 students leaving 10 dead in Byamungu Islamic school in Kyerwa district of Kagera, was the fourth fire accident to occur in a Muslim school in just less than 3 months.
Following the frequencies, Sheikh Zubeir asked school owners and other leaders in the country to strengthen security and improve infrastructure to prevent unnecessary disasters such as fire outbreaks.
“So far a committee has been formed to investigate the sources of these incidents. I urge everyone to be patient as we wait for the investigations to provide answers and then we will be in a position to talk about it,” he said.
The Muslim leader revealed that about seven schools in the country had been hit by the tragedy in a short period of time, thus becoming a matter of public concern.
“We continue to await official information from security agencies about these incidents. This is why I plead for patience from everyone,” he said.