Police holding several Chadema supporters after blocking Lissu’s convoy

Tuesday October 06 2020
coast region pic

Dar es Salaam. Police in Coast Region is holding a number of people believed to be Chadema’s followers for what they termed accompanying the party’s Presidential candidate Tundu Lissu to continue with campaigns despite being suspended for seven days by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) ethics Committee.

The police said that despite not holding Lissu he has maintained that he will remain in the region for an indefinite period of which the police will protect him.

On Friday the Ethics Committee suspended Lissu for seven days after he failed to defend complaints that were raised against him by CCM and NRA party.

Regional Police Commander (RPC) Wankiyo Nyigesa said they had received intelligence report sthat Lissu was planning to launch and lead his party members to hoist flags at a number of their offices in Coast region.

“It was revealed to us that he would first pass by Mlandizi market before heading to their offices in Mtabani, Mlandizi, Zanati crossroads for the hoisting of flags in an open space,” he said.
He added: “If you remember Lissu was suspended from conducting his campaigns for
seven days and what he is trying to do is tantamount to the same thing.

Further he said according to information, the Presidential candidate was performing the event as the Party’s Deputy Chairman.
However, he said that despite performing the exercise as the Deputy Chairman he was still violating the law because his party had not informed the police 48 hours before the event as required by law.


“In view of this, we will continue interrogating all the people in our custody and take the matter to the higher authorities for further action,” he said.