ACT Wazalendo, Chadema hint at a possible coalition in October polls

Monday June 08 2020

Dar es Salaam. Opposition parties ACT-Wazalendo and Chadema yesterday signalled inching closer to political coalition ahead of this year’s General Election as senior officials of both parties confirmed they were negotiating a deal.
The new development comes just days after Chadema secretary general John Mnyika opened doors for serious political parties to negotiate such an agreement.
On the following day, the NCCR-Mageuzi party chairman James Mbatia told journalists in Dodoma that the party was ready for negotiations because it has historically believed in consensus.
But, yesterday, the ACT-Wazalendo secretary general, Ado Shaibu, told a news conference that they have written to Chadema expressing their readiness to negotiate and cooperate in the October Elections.
“I have told Mr Mnyika in the letter that his invitation has been well-received by ACT-Wazalendo. We have also expressed our readiness to participate in negotiations that would lead both parties to a cooperation,” he said.
He said ACT-Wazalendo believes that it is through cooperation that the veteran ruling party CCM would be removed from power in this year’s General Election.
Chadema’s deputy secretary general (Main-land) Benson Kigaila couldn’t tell whether they had received the ACT-Wazalendo letter or not.
“I’m in Mwanza presently. I’m not aware if the said letter has been received or not. But, I’m sure ACT-Wazalendo cannot make up a story about writing to us. Since our intention is to commence cooperation negotiations, they are welcome provided that we share common goals,” he said.
He stressed Mnyika’s statement that Chadema would negotiate with serious opposition parties, noting that those who would end up ‘pulling each others shirts’have no room in such a process.