Briefly about Chaumma

Saturday October 24 2015
Chauma PHOTO

Chaumma presidential candidate Hashim Rungwe

Chaumma, which got permanent registration from the office of the registrar of political parties in June 2013, has over 1.5 million members across the country, according to the party’s presidential candidate, Mr Hashim Rungwe.

Mr Rungwe says the party decided to field parliamentary candidates in many constituencies in order to increase the number of opposition MPs in the Parliament and ensure the government is held accountable.

Chaumma’s Objectives

Mr Rungwe says the party’s main objective is to build a united country as well as improve wananchi’s welfare by ensuring that justice is observed.

He says if Chaumma wins the election, it will ensure the income diversity between the rich and poor is reduced.

Other objectives, according to the party chairman, include strengthening the country’s democracy, rule of law, transparency, accountability as well as observing human srights.


Chaumma Philosophy

According to Mr Rungwe, Chaumma believes in national unity, truth, transparency, solidarity and building a democratic society which has equal rights between those living in urban as well as in rural areas.

Mr Rungwe says Chaumma believes that the rights of wananchi shouldn’t only be on papers, but the government and other authorities should make sure that they (rights) are delivered practically.

He says Chaumma believes that a justice delayed is a justice denied.

The philosophy intends to build national cohesion and eradicate division in order to speed up national development while ensuring peace, according to Mr Rungwe.

Chaumma election Manifesto

Chauma has drafted a manifesto which intends to ensure everything the party does is for the public interest.

Chaumma has promised to come up with a special strategy which will help in creating more employment opportunities, especially for the youth.

Chaumma will also ensure Tanzanians become owners of the country’s resources if it wins the election.

The party will also come up with a strategy that will enable people to easily sell their products abroad.

It will also form a government which respects wananchi’s opinions as well as freedom of speech and assembly.

Chaumma will also ensure equality when it comes to accessing land and other natural resources. According to him Chaumma will partner with the private sector to revolutionize Tanzania’s industrial sector in order to improve productivity and increase employment opportunities

Chaumma’s Priority

According to Mr Rungwe, the party’s priority is to ensure justice is served, there is access to health services and every Tanzanian participates in building the country’s economy.

He says his party will also change the leadership system by bringing in visionary leaders who will help to revolutionize the country in every sector.