CUF plans to hold public rallies countrywide

What you need to know:

CUF plans to hold public rallies countrywide to mobilise people to register in the run up to next year’s General Elections

Dar es Salaam. The Civic United Front party has announced that it will begin holding public rallies so that to mobilize people to turn up en masse in the updating of the permanent voters’ register.

CUF Chairman Prof Ibrahim Lipumba has said they will be holding the meetings by observing procedures and has called upon state organs not to disrupt their meetings.

Prof Lipumba made the remarks on June 27, 2019 in a Press conference that aimed at publishing the resolutions of the party’s governing council.

The party chairman also called upon the state organs not to intervene in local government elections so that people can exercise their right of electing leaders of their choice.

“We will be holding public meetings because it is not illegal and we ask police and other state organs not to block us,” said Prof Lipumba

He said they were going to hold such meetings with the good intention of assisting the government in mobilizing people to get registered for voting.

 “We will not be breaking the law because we are not running campaigns as our meetings will be held in peace and serenity. What we are going to do is to provide voter education by following procedures,” he said.