Chinese who killed 511 elephants ordered to pay Sh50 million

What you need to know:

The court also ordered the Chinese national Liang Hu to pay Sh300,000 or serve five months in prison, a condition that he fulfilled and secured freedom.

Dar es Salaam. The Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday fined Chinese national Liang Hu Sh50 million in compensation after pleading guilty to killing 511 elephants worth Sh7 billion.

The court also ordered Mr Hu to pay Sh300,000 or serve five months in prison, a demand that was fulfilled and set free.

The judgement was read at the court yesterday by Resident Magistrate Vicky Mwaikambo after the suspect opted for a plea bargaining agreement with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Magistrate Mwaikambo said the court found the man guilty of all charges as presented in the charge sheet.

“You are therefore ordered to pay Sh300,000 in fines or serve five months in jail. Also, the court orders you to pay Sh50 million in compensation for killing the elephants,” said Resident Magistrate Mwaikambo.

Before the decision, senior state attorney Ladislaus Komanya told the court that the suspect had no criminal records and that he was a first time offender.

“Despite being his first time to commit the offense, I pray for a harsh punishment to serve as a lesson to others who would want to commit similar offences,” he said.

In the case, the accused and two other Chinese nationals were charged with committing the offense separately between January 1, 2013 and November 30, 2013.

The court was told that the three accused committed the offence in the Selous Game Reserve located in the southern tourism circuit of Tanzania. Another convict who face economic sabotage in case number 2 of 2017, Mr Xion Shaodani, had already paid Sh100 million in compensation and Sh300,000 in fines after reaching a plea bargaining agreement with the DPP a few days ago.

The third accused in the case hasn’t admitted charges facing him and has signed no plea bargaining agreement with the DPP.

Reports from the court says the case was still at the mentioning stage at the time the sides decided to strike the plea bargaining agreement.