Wednesday September 30 2020


The days of staring at your phone while trying to avoid eye contact at a party are over. Today’s article will equip you with five random yet fun facts that you can share as you continue to enjoy the Serebuka moments. Let’s get right into it;
FACT 1: Did you know that all it takes to chill a beer in two minutes is a bowl full of ice and some salt? – I’ll let you guys try this one out and let me know in the comments 
FACT 2: Music is Literally Good for Your Heart – You read that right. Studies have shown that music promotes a healthy cardiovascular system by triggering physiological changes that modulate blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory functions. Yes! keep Serebuka-ing especially at the end of a tough day/week
FACT 3: Most people have one foot that is bigger than the other foot – what this means is that the next time you go shoe shopping, you should ideally check & buy shoes that fit your bigger foot.
FACT 4: Wearing a watch makes you more time conscientious and punctual - Scientists first discovered this while testing volunteers for a completely different study – they found watch-wearers showed up on time for the tests
FACT 5: Happiness Is Contagious – studies have found that people who reported feeling happy tended to form their own "clusters" with one another. They found that your likelihood of happiness rises 15.3 percent if a family member or close friend is happy.
“Sourcing for fun facts will not only make you gain new knowledge but will also turn you into a social magnet…being a fan of the Only Lite With A Bite, I’m sure you already are” – Kennedy The Remedy  
Kennedy The Remedy aka Chui Wa Facts, who is part of the original four-man Chui crew also has some quality advice to give on how we can ‘Serebuka responsibly”. In this exclusive interview, he also shared his top two tricks of the trade should we plan to party in the near future;
•    His number one recommendation is to stay hydrated. Try drinking a glass of water after every 3 or 4 beers consumed.
•    Secondly, before you go to any party, make sure you eat something. This is especially important if you are not sure whether there is going to be food there or not.
 “At the end of the day, my goal is to enable your Serebuka moments, what better way to do this than to share fun facts you can use as conversation starters and give you tips on how to Serebuka responsibly?” he concludes.
Join him every weekend as he continues to drop these nuggets of wisdom via the hashtag #SerebukaWithEveryBite There are also fun prizes to be won for those who participate on his random quizzes.
For more information please visit @serengetipremiumlite and @KennedyTheRemedy pages on instagram