Ecobank to upgrades its core banking system over the weekend

Friday September 20 2019

Ecobank Tanzania’s payment officer, Brown Kessy

Ecobank Tanzania’s payment officer, Brown Kessy (left) speaking during a press briefing to discuss improvements in Ecobank’s system in Dar es Salaam yesterday. Right is Head of Ecobank Tanzania business unit, Respige Kimati. 

By Muthini Kisole

Dar es Salaam. Ecobank Tanzania is set to change its core banking system from Flexcube 7 platform to Flexcube 12 with effect from September 23, 2019.

The change comes after 7 years of operation and it will involve all its 33 affiliates who are also shifting to Flexcube 12.

Speaking at a Press conference in Dar es Salaam today the Head, Commercial Banking Mr. Respige Kimati said the process will cause some abnormalities in their services but it will allow seamless transactions for their customers.

“During the migration to flexcube 12, we’ll automatically switch from our existing internet banking system to a new improved version called Ecobank online. We simply want to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs as effectively as possible,” Respige Kimati added.

The account number will change from the current 16 digits to 10 digits but clients will be able to facilitate all their bank transactions using their old account number during the transaction period.

This will lead to closure of the Ecobank operation from Saturday, September 21 to Sunday, September 22 and normal services shall resume on Monday, September 23,  with the new Ecobank online Omini Lite.


Ecobank electric channel officer, Mr Brown Kessy confirmed that they’ve deployed the latest technology for the system upgrade so as to provide the customers with new improved features, adding that the system will also ensure smooth transactions, locally and abroad.