Fatma Karume removed permanently from the roll of advocates

Wednesday September 23 2020
Fatma Karume

Dar es Salaam. Two days after she was sacked by her law firm IMMMA Advocates in Dar es Salaam, Fatma Karume has been permanently removed from the roll of advocates.

In a twitter message she wrote, ‘I have been permanently removed from the roll of advocates; I will not be appealing the decision’.

According to her former employers, the outspoken lawyer was reportedly sacked from the law firm for involvement in political activism.

IMMMA further claimed that such conduct brought the law firm into disrepute, and adversely affected its business relationship with its clients.

However,  the decision on September 23, by the Advocates Committee in the High Court of Tanzania to permanently remove Ms Karume who was the body’s former president left many in surprise.

Speaking to The Citizen, Ms Karume said she did not care or consider appealing against the decision.


"I do not agree with the decision’s legality but I see no reason to appeal because if I do, it means I am justifying the decision, let them do whatever they want," she said.

In sessions to discuss her through the committee, Fatma claimed to have been called once together with her lawyer, Peter Kibatala.

"But I did not stay and I left after only half an hour," she said, asking for Kibatala to be reached to provide further clarification of the TLS decision.

TLS President, Dr Rugemeleza Nshala when reached to comment on the verdict with his TLS member, he claimed to have no information on the decision yet.

The TLS’s committee meeting claimed to have found Ms Karume guilty of gross misconduct and ordered that her name be removed from the list of lawyers in Tanganyika.

Fatma is the daughter of retired Zanzibar President Aman Abeid Karume and granddaughter of Zanzibar's first founding  President Abeid Aman Karume.