Former Premier wishes President Magufuli to go beyond term limit

Thursday December 12 2019


By Frank Kimboy @frankkimboy

Dar es Salaam. Former Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda is impressed by President John Magufuli’s work, and he wishes for him to go beyond the constitutional two-term limit.

He said he would like to see the President fulfill the major development projects that he has initiated under his administration.

Mr Pinda was speaking today December 12 at the CCM National Executive Committee (NEC) convening in Mwanza.

Ironically, he sees the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania as the only impediment towards his wish of quashing the term limits.

“If it wasn’t for the constitution requirement I would have requested the president to stay in power for another five years after completing his second term in office,” he said.

President Magufuli has repeatedly said that he will not stay a single day longer in office after his term expires.


President Magufuli is in the tail-end of his first term in office. As per country’s constitution president Magufuli is eligible to vie for the second and final term in the next General Election which takes place in 2020.

“Although I know even if we would try to convince him as much as possible I am aware that he wouldn’t agree with us, but I want to say even if you wouldn’t consider our wish (to extend term limit) you will find us a leader who in collaboration with NEC will emulate your visionary leadership,” said Mr Pinda.

He called on NEC members to support President Magufuli in his decision to change country fortunes arguing that Tanzania has immense potentials.

“If we will all walk the talk of the chairman (President Magufuli) we will be able to transform this country in a very short period of time under his stewardship,” said former Premier.

Mr Pinda, who served under former President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete administration, said he is so touched by President Magufuli’s efforts to bring connectivity through infrastructure.

According to him President Magufuli has invested in various infrastructure development projects, which includes roads, airports, ports development projects among others.