Fuel prices drop to a record low in Tanzania

Tuesday June 2 2020


By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. The retail and wholesale prices for the petroleum products, imported through Dar es Salaam port, for June  have dropped compared to prices recorded in May, 2020, the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Ewura) has announced today.

The new retail prices released by the regulator which takes effect from  Wednesday, June 6, shows  cap price for a litre of petrol has decreased by Sh348 (equivalent to 18.65 per cent), diesel has dropped by Sh300 (16.25 per cent) whereas a litre of kerosene is set to remain the same at Sh1,568.

The utility regulator said Kerosene prices shall continue the same as those that were published on May 6 because there was no new consignment of Kerosene that was received through Dar es Salaam port in May.

Ewura’s statement shows that retail prices for petrol and diesel in Northern regions of Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara will remain the same as the prices published in May.

Motorists in Dar es Salaam will buy petrol at Sh1520, diesel at 1568 whereas kerosene will cost Sh1,568.

Those in Tanga, Same, Manyara , Arusha , Mwanga, Moshi will buy Petrol at less than Sh1800.


Ewura has attribuited the fall in prices due to the global trends that has largely affected oil prices at the World Market.

The authority has advised Oil Marketing Companies to feel free to sell their products at a price that gives them a competitive advantage provided that, such price does not exceed the price cap.