It is all CCM so far as results trickle in

Thursday October 29 2020

Dar es Salaam. Results for the October 28 polls have begun trickle in, and out of the constituencies that have been announced so far, no opposition candidate has won a parliamentary seat. 

It is all CCM in the 10 parliamentary seats in Tanzania Mainland and the 20 seats at the House of Representatives in Zanzibar.

In Mbeya Tulia Ackson beat the incumbent Joseph Mbilinyi whereas Chadema national Chairman became the first high profile opposition casualty after he lost his Hai seat to CMM.

CCM has after 25 years taken Moshi urban after Priscus Tarimo won the municipality with 31,169 votes whereas karatu which was another longtime opposition strong hold has also fallen to the ruling party. Karatu had been in the hands of the opposition for 20 years.

In Handeni, Reuben Kwagilwa beat CUF’s Sonia Magogo after scoring 15241 votes against 6,713, whereas Same East and West now all belong to CCM after winning MP seat plus all the 34 wards.

In Serengeti, CCM’s Amsabi beat Chadema’s Catherine Ruge whereas in Shinyanga Urban Patrobas Katambi was declared winner on CCM ticket, the party has also won all the wards.


In Njombe Urban, CCM’s Deo Mwanyika carried the day. CCM also has 28 other MPs who were unopposed.

In Buchosa, Sengerema, Ilemela and Nyamagana the ruling party has won all the wards. In Tarime Urban which was another opposition stronghold all seats have gone to Chama Cha Mapinduzi.

In Bumbuli after winning 8 seats unopposed, CCM has won all the remaining 10 seats.

Meanwhile in Zanzibar the race for the House of Representatives is in CCM’s favour after 20 CCM candidates won the race.