Kenya MP Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar is in Tanzania

Friday July 19 2019


Two weeks after issuing a controversial statement on Tanzanian nationals in Kenya, Starehe MP Charles Kanyi aka ‘Jaguar’ is in Tanzania.

Speaking to the BBC in a telephone interview, the MP whose pictures on Instagram show he is in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma in Tanzania has emphasized his earlier statement saying that he was misquoted.

'' I meant those who are conducting illegal trade in Kenya. I did not go wrong in any way and no country can allow people without permits to enter and do illegal business '', said Jaguar.

The MP who is also an artiste, said he is in Tanzania for four days to see his family and to visit friends.

'' I love Tanzania because it is a good country and as you know I have a son here. I would like to tell Tanzanians that I love them so much and that is why I have come  here as a tourist as well,'' he added.

The 'Kigeugeu' singer said that he plans to meet members of Parliament such as Prof Jay and Joseph Mbilinyi aka Sugu as well as other artistes.


The MP stirred controversy in Tanzania after a video of him at a rally in his constituency went viral on social networks, calling for foreign nationals to leave the country


However, the MP later denied the allegations and insisted that he meant foreign nationals illegally entering the country.

He was later arrested and detained for several days before he was released on a police bond.