King of Oman is in Zanzibar

Thursday October 12 2017
Zanzibar pic

Zanzibar. A delegation of 300 people who are representing Oman King Sheikh Sultan Qabous bin Said on Thursday, October 12, arrived in Zanzibar aboard a ship christened‘Fulk Al Salamah’normaly used by the royal family.

All the way from Muscat, Oman, the delegation arrived at the Malindi Port at 9am and being received by Second Vice President Seif Ali Iddi who was accompanied by four cabinet ministers.

These included that of minister for Finance and Planning, Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed, minister for Information, Tourism, Culture and Sports, Mr Rashid Ali Juma, and Minister of State in the Second Vice president’s Office, Mr Mohamed Aboud Mohamed.

Others were minister for Water, Energy, Land and Environment, Ms Salama Aboud Talib, and Ms Amina Salum Ali, minister of Trade and Markets.

Mjini Mahgaribi Regional Commissioner Ayoub Mohamed Mahmoud also was present.

The Oman delegation was led by minister of oil and gas,Mr Mohamed Al-ramh. The tour aims to spread peace, unity and solidarity in the world.


Speaking at the event, State Minister in the Second Vice President’s Office, Mr Mohamed, said the visit by the delegation was very important to the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

He said, the trip opens new chapter on the cooperation between the two countries which share a long history.

“This is a great sign, we are happy for the event and tomorrow, there will be an official talk which will cover different areas of cooperation,” he said.

The minister added that, the delegation will also have an opportunity to visit historical sites and government offices for experience sharing on the economic growth.

Mr Aboud appealed to citizens to offer a full cooperation for the representatives of the King of Oman, to maintain the country’s image abroad.