Lazaro Nyalandu names new constitution among his priorities as he picks up forms

Wednesday July 08 2020
Nyalandu pix

Former Singida North Member of Parliament Lazaro Nyalandu after picking up nomination forms at Chadema Headquarters in Dar es Salaam .

Dar es Salaam. Chadema’s central zone chairman Lazaro Nyalandu has on Wednesday, July 8  collected nomination forms seeking approval to stand for the presidency on the party’s ticket.

He becomes the fourth out of 11 members who expressed intention through sent letters  to the party’s secretary general John Mnyika.

Three members who have collected nomination forms are party’s vice chairman (Mailand) Tundu Lissu and Dr Maryrose Majinge and Mr Gasper Mwanalyela.

Those who are yet to collect the documents are party chairman Freeman Mbowe, Isaya Mwita, Peter Msigwa, Neo Simba, Opiyo Nalo, Leonard Manyama and Shaban Msafiri.

Chadema’s nomination processes require presidential hopefuls for the union presidency to collect signatures from 100 guarantors in each 10 zones of the Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Party’s zones in the Tanzania mainland are Coast, South, Central, Nyasa, West, Victoria, Serengeti and the North while those in Zanzibar are Unguja and Pemba.


Mr Nyalandu was handed over nomination forms by Chadema director of elections, Mr Reginald Munisi at the party's headquarters in the city.

Speaking shortly before receiving the documents, Mr Nyalandu said strengthening national unity, providing the country with the new constitution and the reforming the Criminals Procedures Act would be among his key priorities.

Mr Nyalandu said if endorsed and voted president, he would champion for strengthening of national unity in order to provide Tanzanians with the lost hope of brotherhood, love and cooperation.

“I will push for provision of the new constitution that will correct systems that are no longer under control, as a result some appointed and elected leaders have adulterated the systems due to existing weaknesses,” he said.

Mr Nyalandu who is former Singida North legislator said in October 30, 2017, he expressed the need for the parliament, executive and the judiciary to work independently, despite the importance of cooperation in fulfilling demands of the checks and balance.

“We should build a country where an ordinary citizen can sue the government and yet a judge can listen to both sides and dispense justice,” he said.

According to him, since suspected persons are presumed innocent until proved guilty by the court, then the on-going trend to detain suspects for years would be a history.

“Nobody will be detained, whether CCM or Chadema members, those in administration or in the opposition. We will ensure that justice and systems governing the rule of law are equal to every citizen,” he said