Liquor heist: Gang digs tunnel into Shoprite store in Johannesburg

Wednesday June 3 2020


By Agencies

Johannesburg. South Africa has been in a lockdown for close to 69 days now and some of the necessities  that has been scarce is alcohol
Three days ago some select few decided to take matters into their own hands at the Newtown branch of Shoprite in Johannesburg.
It’s understood the suspects avoided the mall’s main entrance, opting for electrical and stormwater tunnels beneath the plaza to gain access beneath the store. They then tunneled their way through concrete before emerging in the Shoprite store, able to freely access all the liquor they could get their hands on.
Their haul included whiskey, brandy, gin, cider, vodka, and beer. It’s believed that $17,000 worth of booze was transported out of the store and back through the tunnel. The police are offering a reward of R50 000 to anyone with information about the elaborate act of theft. The damage was discovered on Friday morning when employees went to access the store in preparation for the lifting of alcohol ban.
All booze can now be sold by licensed stores, as part of the Level 3 directives. But, sadly for this branch of Shoprite, they’ve had to put the brakes on their trading.