Chadema’s Lissu pledges to deliver new constitution at Kigoma rally

Sunday September 20 2020


By Elias Msuya

Kigoma. Chadema presidential candidate Tundu Lissu called on   voters yesterday to elect candi- dates who are visionary and strong enough to defeat CCM in the forthcoming 2020 elections slated for October 28.

Mr Lissu, whose campaign rallies have been attracting huge crowds, made the remark in  Kigoma Urban constituency, pledging to deliver a new constitution. In his speech, he described ACT- Wazalendo candidate Zitto Kabwe as one of the candidates, who are capable of defending the opposition’s stronghold.

Speaking at the Mwanga Stadium in Kigoma, Mr Lissu said he was supporting his party’s candidate, but called on the people to consider cast- ing their ballots for someone who is capable of defeating CCM in the constituency. “He could be a Chadema or ACT- Wazalendo candidate, so help us choose candidates who can remove CCM from power,” said Mr Lissu. Referring to the new constitution, he said his party’s government would start by implementing its acquisition process.

He said through the constitution, Chadema would reduce the powers of the president to enable the people to have the power of deciding their
own affairs. And to achieve that, the firebrand
politician, who survived an assassi- nation attempt in 2017,  urged the people in the region to  turn out in large numbers come October 28 with a view to removing  CCM from power, a move that would lead to  re- writing of the constitution. “In this election we must make sure that we remove CCM from power. During elections people make many promises, but my  prom- ise is a new constitution,” said Mr Lissu.  “If you go to the polls next month, make sure that you are electing a president who will restore the pow- er of the people,” he added. He said in the last five years, CCM has held back development and har- assed Tanzanians.