Magufuli sacks DAS at public function

President John Magufuli commissions the Kibamba-Kisarawe water project in Kisarawe District, Coast Region, yesterday. Looking on are Coast regional commissioner Evarist Ndikilo (left) and Water minister Makame Mbarawa. PHOTO | STATE HOUSE

Dar es Salaam. President Magufuli yesterday dramatically sacked the Kisarawe district administrative secretary (DAS), and immediately replaced him with an administrative officer from the district commissioner’s office.

Dr Magufuli named Ms Mwanana Msumi as the new DAS, to replace Mr Mtela Mwampamba who is alleged to have been unethical at some point.

The appointment of Ms Msumi, who holds a master’s degree in public administration, came after a proposal by Coast regional commissioner Everist Ndikilo upon being asked to do so by the President. It all started when President Magufuli was presiding over the inauguration of a Sh10.6 billion water project at Kibamba in Kisarawe District - and somewhat suddenly raised the issue of Mr Mwampamba’s alleged unbecoming behavior.

In a live televised event, Dr Magufuli fired Mr Mwampamba and immediately asked Mr Ndikilo to propose the name of a person who befits the position.

In a swift rejoinder, the latter stood up and said: “the administrative officer in the district commissioner’s office can do better.”

Just as soon, the President directed the prospective appointee to come forward... “With effect from now, you are the new DAS. Go and work hard,” the President admonished, adding that, “There is no need to wait in taking actions against those who misbehave. I had warned him in the past, but to no avail.

“And, because one of my responsibilities is to oversee ethics and discipline in public service, we have to end this on the spot, once and for all.”

He then directed the minister of State in the President’s Office responsible for Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG), Mr Selemani Jafo, to inform his Public Service and Good Governance counterpart, Mr George Mkuchika, about the minor change.

Meanwhile, Dr Magufuli said that, in the space of five years, his government has implemented water projects valued at over Sh3 trillion countrywide.

Access to clean and safe water in rural areas had jumped to 70.1 percent this year, compared with 45 percent in 2015.

During that period, access to clean and safe water in urban areas rose to 84 percent, from 74 percent in 2015.

In the Coast Region alone, the fifth-phase regime has implemented 45 projects.

“This suggests that CCM is always walking the talk on its promises,” said Dr Magufuli.

He was speaking at a meeting which was attended by various ministers and their deputies, as well as MPs, the Coast Regional Commissioner, the Kisarawe District Commissioner, Dar es Salaam Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (Dawasa) staff and other citizens.

Water minister Makame Mbarawa said the Sh10.6 billion project is fully financed by Dawasa.

Two years ago, the ministry, directed Dawasa and other ‘Class A’ water authorities to set aside 40 percent of their revenue collections for water projects in their jurisdictions.

“In the past, water authorities were totally dependent on the ministry in implementing water projects,” he said. “But in 2018, I said they had to improve revenue collections and stand on their own in executing projects.”

As it is, monthly revenue collection by Dawasa rose by 57.6 percent in March this year compared to June 2018, the minister revealed.

“Revenue collection by Dawasa has increased from 7.8 billion in June, 2018 to Sh12.3 billion recorded in March 2020,” said Prof Mbarawa.

“I am optimistic after a completion of various projects, Dawasa will be in a position to collect over Sh15 billion per month.”

Manufacturing industries

President Magufuli said in a space of five years, the Coast Region created Some 797 new manufacturing industries, beating the rest of the regions.

The number of industries increased from 395 four years back to 1,192 to date.

Dr Magufuli said the number of large and medium- scale industries in the region stood at 69 and 88 respectively.

Coming to small and micro small scale industries, the number stands at 216 and 819 in that order.

“Manufacturing industries in the Coast Region have created 20,000 direct jobs and 30, 000 indirect ones,” said President Magufuli.