NEC urges public to ignore ‘fake ballot paper’ allegations

Wednesday October 28 2020
Kaijage pic

National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman Judge Semistocles Kaijage

Dar es Salaam. The National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman Judge Semistocles Kaijage has denied allegations that there were fake votes at polling station which were pre-marked.

Judge Kaijage stance came after some parliamentary contestants including Halima Mdee of Kawe Dar es Salaam claimed they had seen ballot boxes with pre-marked votes at Tarafa polling station in Kawe Dar es Salaam.

The claims were also aired by Kigoma urban constituency aspirant Zitto Kabwe  saying they seized fake ballot papers at Kasingirima ward, while Boniface Jacob (Ubungo) claimed to have arrested arrest a person with such ballot papers and handed the suspect to Police.

There were also some videos circulating on social media showing seized fake ballots all marked in favour of CCM contestants.

However, giving update on the voting process in Dar es Salaam today, Judge Kaijage said the information were unverified.

“There is information going around of boxes with fake ballots seized at Kawe (Dar es Salaam), Pangani (Tanga) and Buhigwe (Kigoma). These allegations have not been substantiated and are not mentioning exactly which centers the votes were found,” he said.


He added: The information has not yet been reported to NEC. The commission therefore calls upon all citizens to ignore because they are baseless.