Nyasa woos investors for dormant trade potentials

Friday December 6 2019

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A fisherman at Lake Nyasa in Mbababay, Ruvuma Region, Emmanuel Tindwa, sells catches to one of his custom-ers. Authorities in the area are inviting individuals and companies to come and invest in the area’s untapped potentials. PHOTOS | AFP 

By Joyce Joliga @TheCitizenTZ news@tz.nationmedia.com

Nyasa. From tourism to trading in freshwater fish for display, Lake Nyasa in the south-west of Tanzania offers a number of unexplored income-generating potentials.

The third largest lake in Africa has one of the highest freshwater aquarium fish species in the world, including cichlids which are in high demand in Europe and other western countries.

Some of the cichlid species available in Lake Nyasa include bumblebee cichlid, golden cichlid, red zebra cichlid, rockfish cichlids and blue zebra among others.

In the banks of the lake, one can have a spectacular views of crocodiles, hippos and various species of monkeys.

In the endeavour to ensure these potentials are exploited for the general good of Tanzania’s economy, Nyasa District authorities are now calling on interested individuals, companies and institutions to invest in the most promising business potentials in the area.

“Our area is blessed. We have one of the best beaches and a number of islets which offer opportunities for investment in hotels and many other areas of the hospitality industry,” Nyasa District manager for Tanzania Forest Service Agency (TFS), Mr John Elisha, says.


“In short we have over 400 species of aquarium fish which are transported abroad. The hills and wild animals offer what a tourist would want to see here,” he said.

The completion of the ongoing construction of a 67-kilometre road stretch between Mbinga and Mbamba-Bay will help unlock the area’s potentials in a number of economic opportunities.”We call upon Tanzanians to grab this opportunity of ‘first-mover advantage, says Mr Elisha.

Being a new administrative district, Nyasa is also facing an acute shortage of people who have been trained in tourism at both TFS and district council levels.

The Nyasa District executive director, Mr Jimson Mhagama, said understanding the richness of the area in tourism, authorities have come up with what is known as Fukwe (Beach) Festival which will be held next week.

A manager at Mhalo Beach, Mr Benardo Lisambo said the area is now receiving tourists from Italy, Germany, UK, France and South Africa.

“The feedback that we get from them is that they are happy with our food, mostly stiff porridge cooked using cassava flour. They are also happy with our traditional dances like Mganda and kihoda. They also love swimming,” he said.

With a booming business, he said, they were currently in the process of expanding operations to be able to handle up to 100 tourists per day from the current 30.