Scrap metal dealers to face heavy fines of up to Sh10 billion

Friday September 20 2019


By Gadiosa Lamtey @gadisa2

Dar es Salaam. Traders dealing in waste metal products including scrap metals in the country, will from now onwards face a heavy fine between Sh5 million and Sh10 billion or a jail term of up to 12 years, if found operating without license.

The increase in penalties was due to the amendment of The Environment Management Hazardous Waste control of 2009, which had many shortcomings that led to businessmen doing business without following rules and regulations.

The Permanent Secretary, in the ministry of State in the Vice President’s Office (Union and Environment) Mr Joseph Malongo said this today, Friday September 20 when he announced the new environment management hazardous waste control act of 2019.

“In the new act we decided to increase fine for people who are involved in this business so that can consider environmental conservation, we want them especially scrap metals to comply with the laws,” he said     

He added: There has been number of complaints because scrap metal is big business so people were  polluting the environment by putting all hazardous waste at same place without considering the impact.

The new regulations have set a new standard for receiving and responding to applications, therefore all applications will be received by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC).   


In another development, Mr Malongo said to comply with the new regulations within three weeks the ministry will begin issuing new certificates with security features aiming to ensure the business is carried out in accordance with country’s laws and international treaties.

Speaking at the event, NEMC director general, Samuel Gwamaka said the council is ready to educate public on the new regulations and how it works in a bid to ensure the environment is preserved.

“We had the 2009 regulations but when it was formulated the business environment was not as it is now and that is why they have been reformed so our job is to educate the public and advise the minister on issuance the licensing,” he said.