South Africa Football Association to ban Luc Eymael over racist remarks

Wednesday July 29 2020

Dar es Salaam. The South African Football Association (SAFA) intends to ban Luc Eymael from returning to work in South Africa again.

Eymael was sacked by Tanzanian giants Young Africans on Monday after his racial tirade against the conditions in the country and the club's fans went viral on social media

SAFA has taken a dramatic stance to show solidarity to the Tanzanian FA, who have sent a formal complaint to FIFA.

“We want to express our solidarity and support for the Tanzania FA and the Yanga FC. Our own history, principles and beliefs compels us to reject racism in all its forms. This conduct militates against Nelson Mandela’s understanding of the role of sport in our society that it has the power to change the world, power to inspire and unite people in a way that little else does,” writes SAFA

In a statement posted at SAFA website SAFA has reached three steps over Eymael where the first step decided by SAFA is to direct a letter to the Minister of Sports to bring this matter to his attention, with SAFA stated position that they will raise objection to any consideration of granting coach Eymael a work permit in South Africa in future.

Another step reached by SAFA is to bring the matter to the attention of world football governing body, FIFA as well as the Confederation of African Football (CAF).


SAFA says they intend to write a letter of solidarity and support to the Tanzania FA and to assure them of their full cooperation on any remedial steps they may consider.

Safa adds that it is concerned as the situation comes in the wake of the global campaign of Black Lives Matter.

“It is further unfortunate that this situation comes in the wake of the global campaign of Black Lives Matter. Africa has the bitter experience of its people being captured and taken as slaves on other continents”