Tanzanian Agricultural Bank to boost livestock productivity in Tanga

Wednesday June 3 2020


By The Citizen Reporter

Tanga. Tanzania is the second leading country in livestock numbers after Ethiopia in Africa, in 2019 the industry grew by 5 per cent and contributed 7.4 per cent of the GDP compared to 4.9 per cent and 7.2 per cent in 2018, it has been revealed.
Industry experts say the benefit of this growth has quickly trickled down to many individual farmers both big and small.
This growth has partly owed to Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB) role in shaping and driving the development agenda in the past couple of years.
One of the major beneficiaries of this growth are residents of Tanga where the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank has invested up to Sh10 billion through the Agricultural Sector Development Plan phase two.
“Through this investment in Tanga, smallholder pastoralists from 26 pastoralist groups with more than 5,565 members including 1883 women and 3682 men will continue to benefit directly.”
Along with this investment, TADB has also invested 76 Heifers and 25 cowsheds, the Uwamwa pastoralist in Lushoto and the Chawamu association in Muheza District benefiting from one being 44 farmers.
TADB says it is proud of the achievements so far and they believe it will continue to inspire more farmers, because the bank's goal is to continue to ensure productivity and markets are available to farmers through these projects.
But this has not been an isolated affair, TADB has done the same to livestock keepers in other parts of the  country, on January 4 2020, TADB visited and met livestock keepers in Njombe who own a dairy factory (Njombe Milk), and strategized on how to increase the factory productivity as it benefits 900 farmers.
“TADB continues to revolutionize livestock producers in the country, including beef and dairy producers. The aim is to raise the smallholder and provide them with a variety of commercial opportunities and enable them to secure a stable market. Also diary subsector in the country has also increased by 12.1 per cent in milk production from 2.7 billion litres in 2018/2019 to 3.0 billion litres in 2019/2020,” reads a statement released today.
According to the statement, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries is focused on continuing to devise a variety of strategies for developing the second Agricultural Sector Development Plan in the country (ASDP II), while ensuring the processing and production of livestock products especially dairy products exports increase.
“The diary processing has also increased in the country from 70.9 million In 2018/2019 to 74.3 million litres in 2019/2020 equivalent to an increase of 4.8 per cent. Where so far, there are 99 dairy processing factories in the country.”