Tanzanian freelance journalist ‘abducted’ in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam. Freelance journalist Erick Kabendera was taken away from his home Monday, July 29, 2019, in the afternoon by unknown assailants, close family members have told The Citizen.

Dar es Salaam Police Chief Lazaro Mambosasa said he hadn’t received any report on the matter when reached for comment today evening.

Kabendera’s wife, Loyce, told The Citizen that he was taken away at around 4pm by six people who claimed they were police officers. They wore no uniform and reportedly refused to identify themselves when challenged to confirm their identity.

The assailants had his house's internal phone system severed before they forcefully drove him away in a white Alphard car. According to the distraught wife, the assailants said they were taking the Journalist to Oysterday police where he was wanted for undisclosed reasons.


Reports say the suspects forced their way into the Mbweni home demanding to search it, but there was resistance from Kabendera and the family as well as a few neighbours who had the commotion.


Before bundling him into the car they also confiscated his and his wife’s mobile phones. Some witnesses narrated that those who had gathered there and taken pictures had their mobile phones also taken away.

Family members who responded to the wife’s distress are meeting today night to plan a response. They said they will report the matter to the police after the consultations.

Mr Kabendera reports for various regional and international publications. It was not immediately clear why he would be ‘abducted’ in the manner that he was. The news quickly spread as the public tried to come to terms with the development.