Teenager Rania Nasser to hold a photo exhibition in Dar es Salaam

Saturday August 01 2020

Rania Nasser on one of her projects

By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam . Rania Nasser a Form Five  student in Dar es Salaam is set to hold a two-day photo exhibition , an event that she has titled ‘Watu wa Tanzania,’ at Alliance Francaise on 7th and 8th of August. 

According to the teenager, the exhibition aims at highlighting Tanzania’s diversity and the beauty of her people.

For the two days visitors will have access to a wide range of picture that she has taken over the years  between 9am to 5 pm.

“My dream is to come up with a documentary that shows some of the things that many people across the world do not know about our country,Tanzania,” she says.

She adds: The use of photography or videos to tell stories is very impactful: it can educate, change narratives and perceptions and bring about positive changes in the world.  We have seen so many examples of this: change starts from changing public perceptions.

Though still only a teenager, Rania has visited almost every region of Tanzania and this is what she wants to share with the rest of the world .


“The pictures show very where I have gone and the people I have met, and the stories that have heard. I think I have seen the very best of the Tanzanian spirit,” she says.

Apart from travelling around Tanzania, Rania has also traveled to many other countries in the Western World. 

“While travelling to these countries, I made so many friends and one thing that I noticed was that they knew very little about Africa and especially Tanzania,” she says. 

She says’ “I understand that even people who know that Africa isn't a country, and that's not everyone, can't get past the images of poverty stricken villages, violence-plagued townships, disease and misery”.