Tough week ahead as CCM begin vetting MPs and councillors

Friday August 14 2020


By Daniel Mjema @TheCitizen.TZ

The ruling CCM party faces an uphill task of endorsing those of its nominated members, who will fly the party’s flag in constituencies during the October General Election as high level meetings of the party’s Secretariat, Central Committee and the National Executive Committee (NEC) kicks off on Monday, August 17, before ending on August 22, 2020.

However, unexpected results in the primaries, allegations of corruption during the 2015 polls could place members of the party’s organs in a difficult situation of making the final nomination after views were received from the party’s regional and district political committees, Secretariat and the Central Committee.

There is also a report that NEC’s Secretariat will meet for two days from August 17 to 18 and followed by a meeting of the party’s security and ethics committee.

According to the report, NEC’s Central Committee will also hold a two-day meeting from August 20 to 21 to deliberate and give its proposals to the party’s members seeking to contest for parliamentary seats, membership of Zanzibar’s House of Representatives and Special Seats.

The meetings are set to be held amid corruption claims during the party’s opinion polls as some CCM cadres were caught and questioned by the Prevention of Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) over the claims with graft reports about some cadres went viral on social media.