VIDEO: Membe’s four questions to President Magufuli

Thursday September 3 2020


By Louis Kolumbia

Dar es Salaam. ACT-Wazalendo presidential candidate Bernard Membe yesterday asked residents of Kilwa North constituency in Lindi Region to pose four questions to CCM’s presidential hopeful including the whereabouts of people missing in Coast Region and Kilwa Masoko.

The ex-Foreign Affairs minister told citizens to demand to know the fate of natural gas projects planned for southern regions have gone, why there were no permanent roads to villages as well as reasons for government intervention in the cashews business.

“The ACT-Wazalendo government will ensure perpetrators are found and provide details of the missing people’s whereabouts,” he said.

He said if the CCM government fails to give them answers to those questions, then they shouldn’t vote in back at all.

He said after October 28, once he would be declared the winner, he would work hard to reinstate the country’s lost respect in the international arena. “I will not be a person of sacking public servants shamelessly and appoint their replacement everyday. Appointment of local government executives will be left in the hands of the Prime Minister,” he said.

He assured citizens that their fishing gears will not be destroyed, rather kangomba (mddlemen) will be formalized and properly engaged in the business.


He said citizens have been hit hard by economic hardships due to implementation of poor economic policies.

“You are supposed to pay for treatment expenses when your relatives die, but the ACT-Wazalendo government will end that,” he said.

According to him, the party pledges provision of universal health insurance.

Welcoming Mr Membe, party vice chairperson Dorothy Semu said ACT-Walendo has picked the best candidates that would assure women with clean and safe water and equal representation in policy and decision making organs.

Speaking during the meeting, the running mate Prof Omari Fakih Hamad said he has been asked by the Zanzibaris that Kilwa Masoko residents should all vote for ACT-Wazalendo.

“This will enable us to continue with the journey to fight for justice in the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar. I urge you to vote for Mr Membe and other party’s candidates for parliamentarian and councillorship,” he said.

Party’s parliamentary candidate Seleman Bungara also known as Bwege said after the 2015 General Election, fishermen’s fishing gears were set ablaze, provided with low prices of crops including sesame and cashews, hence lacking political legitimacy for re-election.

“It’s during this government that some people have gone missing and others abducted,” he claimed.

Mr Membe’s arrived in Kilwa Masoko yesterday a day after launching his campaigns at Mpilipili Primary School grounds in Lindi town.

In Kilwa North, the convoy was welcome by party cadres, members and supporters who led the motorcade to the Benjamin Mkapa grounds in the constituency.