VIDEO: Tundu Lissu’s convoy tear gassed in Nyamongo

Monday September 28 2020


The Citizen Reporter
By The Citizen Reporter
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Nyamongo. Chadema’s presidential candidate Tundu Lissu’s convoy was today hit by tear gas in Nyamongo on their way to Serengeti, Mara sparking a heated debate between the law enforcers and the party.

Sources in Tarime say that earlier in the day there was an argument between the Police and Chadema’s security on which route to take as they headed to Serengeti.

Whereas the Police had marked the route via Bunda, Lissu and his team preferred the Nyamongo route something that forced the police to withdraw from escorting the convoy.

Chadema’s officials argued that there were several people who were waiting for them in Nyamongo and therefore they felt it was the right route to take.
It was, however, not clear why security officers who were in Nyamongo decided to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd upon Lissu’s arrival.

According to Chadema's Serengeti zonal secretary, Jackson Mnyawami police officers who were in 10 vehicles fired live bullets in the air plus tear gas.
Despite the hiccup, Mr Lissu went on to address the gathering before heading to Serengeti.

The Police Force has yet to comment on the incident.