VIDEO: Magufuli wows audience as he dances to Singeli

Wednesday September 2 2020


The Citizen Reporter
By The Citizen Reporter
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Singida. It is a campaign season and Presidential candidates are going around the country as they sell their party manifestos to the electorate for consideration come October 28.

Yesterday, however, it was not all about the political issues instead it was the president’s dance moves that thrilled the audience in Ikungi, Singida.

President Magufuli who kicked off his campaign trail yesterday rose to his feet to dance to Sholo Mwmaba’s  performance as the singer sung…….. Nani anasema rais hawezi kucheza Singeli Rais waoneshe ……Waonesheee? ( who says the president can’t dance to singeli? Show them)

Flanked by the party’s publicity secretary Humphrey Polepole the President  made some delicate moves that showed a rare side of him that audience rarely sees attracting cheers from the thousands who had attended the rally.

Earlier on other senior party senior leaders led by Justice Minister Mwigulu Nchemba had joined the singer on stage to accompany Sholo Mwamba who is one of the top Singeli musicians at the moment.