What Lissu pledges on disaster management

Tuesday September 22 2020


By Louis Kolumbia

Dar es Salaam. Chadema presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday promised to support victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hunger, to mention but a few, if elected president.

Mr Lissu, who doubles as party’s vice chairman (Mainland) made the promise when addressing Ngara residents in Kagera Region during the on-going General Election campaigns.

Speaking during a rally that was live broadcast by Dar Mpya Online TV, Mr Lissu said supporting victims of calamities was a legal demand that any government was supposed to abide by.

“The parliament enacted a law stipulating that it was the government’s responsibility to provide moral and material support to victims of natural disasters. Fortunately, the law was endorsed when I was still a lawmaker,” said the former Singida East legislator.

Mr Lissu made the statement following claims that the 2017 victims of the earthquake in Kagera were not properly supported by the government, especially those who were left without food and damaged houses.

“During this year’s General Election, we are supposed to elect a president who knows that it is his responsibility to be the main citizen’s comforter instead of ridiculing the victims,” he said.


The former Tanganyika Law Society president asked residents to vote for Chadema councillors, parliamentarians and the president, pledging that his government will support them during all disasters and dispense justice to all.

He said in 1962, 1974 and 1984, the founding father of the nation Julius Nyerere went abroad to look for food aid in order to serve a starving nation.

“President Mkapa (Benjamin) did the same in 1997 and 1998 after El-nino had hit the country. Mr Kikwete (Jakaya) distributed low price food as Tanzanian s were going hungry,” he said.

The Moravian Revival Church, Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula said clerics have decided to preach justice and declaration of actual winners, observing peace as a fruit of justice.