Why end of year office parties will either make or break you

Friday December 6 2019

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By Paul Owere

It is that time of the year again when everyone is jolly and happy and companies are giving their employees a treat before they say bye to the year and decade that is almost gone.

 These events can be an exciting way to bring your team together as you get to know your officemates outside the formal workplace setting.

However, it is also important to know that most people have a love-hate relationship with office parties.

Though it is an opportunity to relax and get to know other people that you don’t have a chance to socialise with at work, this party could break or make you.

But it is also the one event where sane professionals drink outrageous amounts of alcohol, dance seductively, engage in grotesque public displays of affection and voice shocking revelations that should better be kept private.

As a result many end up messing themselves big time then have to deal with the dreaded experience of going back to work the following week!


According to a study by a certain HR solutions firm this kind of unsavory behaviour at office parties is far more common than you might expect.

The survey found that about 40 per cent of workers say they've either embarrassed themselves or know someone who has at a work party.

And a shocking 23 per cent have been reprimanded for their actions which include things like inappropriate behavior to a colleague (7 per cent) or boss (4 per cent), or drinking too much (20 per cent).

But ignoring an invitation for an office party is not wise idea either, as not attending could hurt your reputation.

Corporate parties are a double edged sword; they can elevate your standing with your colleagues when done well but at the same time can ruin a whole career.

Office parties hold that unique appeal of “festive spirit where anything goes”, this is one time of the year where everyone decides to let their guard down and relax after a long year.

 Everyone wants to have a good time, I once worked at an office where there was a quiet shy lady who only came to life at office parties.

She would bubble with joy after a few drinks and mingle with everyone then return to her little shell after the festive season.

Then again we all know that after a few beers, everyone looks prettier. How many times have you been to an office party where one of your co-workers hooked up with someone?

At these parties it is common to relationships start and end on the same night, than on any other day of the year.

All the same it is a place not to miss though it would be better if you stayed away from the alcohol. I know of some guys who have had one too many and told the boss what they really think

You can still have fun – you don’t need to be drunk to do that. There is absolutely no need to drink to excess on any occasion, let alone at your work night out.  But it’s the festive season so have fun regardless of the consequences but be careful; Try not to drink too much, sleep with your co-worker, insult your boss, or get fired. It's not worth it