Winger Morrison tells Yanga to recruit winners

Monday May 11 2020


By Majuto Omary

Dar es Salaam. The attacking midfielder of the Young Africans Football Club (Yanga), Bernard Morrison from Ghana, has advised the club’s leadership and technical bench to focus on players who will win matches and trophies as a matter of course.
Morrison who joined Yanga January as a free agent, and is currently regarded the most popular player in the club also called on the club’s officials to select players who would propel the club to top honours in continental club championships.
The Jangwani Street outfit is currently searching the signature of various potential players such as Ally Niyonzima, Mpiana Mozizi, Cleophas Mkandala and Bakari Mwamnyeto.
The Ghanaian also said, although he would not name the players who should be recruited, he nonetheless believes that the technical bench and club leaders know the qualities which make players the best on and off the playing field and who should, therefore, be recruited to play for the club in the next league soccer season.
“I suggest that the technical bench should seriously consider recruiting potentially-talented players for the club; players who would make the club shine in both local and international competitions,” Morrison posted his views on the club’s website.
 Freely admitting that Yanga do indeed have a good squad, Morrison-nonetheless said that the club still needs to improve some departments if it is to become the best footballing squad in the country.
 “I would like to be in the best squad next season... A squad that would make the club’s members in particular, and fans at large, happy all the time by winning matches,” he said.
The team’s head coach, Belgian Luc Eymael said he has already targeted players who should make the club shine in the next Mainland Premier League matches, as well as in inter-national competitions.
Revealing that some of the targeted players are from both local and foreign teams whom he believes will make the team shine, Eymael said: “My target is to ensure that all departments of my squads are strong in goalkeeping, defence, midfielders and attacking. As a matter of fact, we have spotted some mistakes that we have to work on during the players registration period.”
The head coach went on to assert that “the task of making a strong team even stronger is accomplished when the league is going on. That’s when you spot the players recruited from other teams in action and set out to improve their performance, doing so in collaboration with club leaders and sponsors.”